Hortense & Humus

La Paix Brasserie

Grand Central


YAG renews its menu

Holiday family lunch at L’Insensé – Belgian Ardennes

Delicatessen: fine & delicate food.

PIN PON, emergency call.

Les Filles: Girly Lunch, Brunch & much more

La Meilleure Jeunesse, Romantic Spot & Great Ambiance

Garage à Manger: a must-eat in the Chatelain area

Nuet Nigenough: Brussels Brasserie for Greedy Gluttons

Pistolet, a Belgian weapon of choice.

Cowfish: somewhere between reality & magic

Le Cercle des Voyageurs – my latest crush in town

Anything but a stupid choice: L’idiot du village

Skievelat – your dose of Belgian food