Boy had it been a while since we gals had sat together to gossip around a cup of coffee. The catching up to do was becoming too big, it was time we summoned an emergency girls’ reunion.


And what better place for an emergency call than PIN PON, the former fire station at Place du Jeu de Balle.

As people busied industriously around the square’s flea market (a tad over-priced, by the way), we had a gossip breakfast at Pin Pon, watching passers-by do their treasure hunt.


The place is beautiful. The fire-station theme has been nicely played out. The counters and doors are dressed with an intertwined fabric made of old grey and red fire hoses.


Do try the big ‘suisse’ with salted caramel, it’s a trip back in time to childhood, except the salted caramel kind of reminds you you’re an adult now.
So no binge-petit-suisse eating will come unpaid -say my hips :P

PIN PON has very generous opening times, so you can go for an early breakfast, brunch lunch or late dinner.
The cuisine is yummy but easy-going, very Belgian. Seasonal products prepared with care and a simple finesse. Philippe Emmanuelli is the man in charge of the menu, the choosing of the products, and very charming, too!


All in all, another great address in the Marolles quarter that has already won our hearts with places such as Chaff or Bla Bla & Gallery.

We hope our next post together comes soon! Cause you know…two gals know better than one ;)

Anita & Sara