Fact: I like to be surprised. A lot. 
The other day, I asked Nicolas to pick a restaurant of his own choice for us to have dinner. I was curious to see what he would come up with, as he is not (yet) totally familiar with Brussels.

He got us the last table at L’Idiot du village.

It’s not the kind of place you would end up to randomly. Located in a small street in the heart of the Marolles area, one has to be well informed. Also, don’t try it without booking your table.

We sat at a table next to the window, with thick red velvet curtains and a lovely bunch of big green bottles, candles, cute lights. Oh so romantic. 

The dining room itself is also decorated with very much attention. The huge blue ceiling light makes you feel like you’re dining underneath the stars (oh my god I really caught some kind of romantic-ish fever). Wooden doors and mirrors complete the whole theatrical/dramatic atmosphere.

Let me talk about the menu. Initially, I wasn’t entirely convinced. I like to eat simple (one might even say basic) dishes, so when I saw the list of sophisticated names, I got a bit scared. The cuisine is of Belgian & French inspiration. All the way from foie gras to mussels.

While Nicolas was focusing on the wine selection, I managed to decide what I would order. As a starter: 

Foie gras poêlé for Nicolas      Rucola ricotta with mozzarella for me

Yeah, I guess I couldn’t resist the call of the Italian taste. I had never combined ricotta with mozzarella, so this was a discovery for me. Plus, how tasteful can a good tomato be?

Things got even more serious with the main course. Nicolas had the young rabbit with chanterelles, while I picked the zander filet with carrots and artichokes. Exquisite dishes that take you on a unusual journey. Well, at least for me pasta & burger lover ;).
And then came my favourite part of every meal. D.E.S.S.E.R.T
Basically I check the desserts on the menu even before having decided what I would have as a dish. However, L’idiot du Village is apparently quite smart: the desserts menu is separate. No cheating before eating.   

Nicolas chose the Cuberdon Pannacotta with red berries, which he really enjoyed. It was fresh and fruity, obviously. 
I decided to be a bit more conservative and went for the Moelleux au chocolat with a caramel ice-cream scoop. Oh. my. f*ck. I mean, swearing is not something I would usually do here on the blog, but sometimes, it’s simply necessary. This thing was pure bliss, chocolate heaven, caramel paradise.

Our stomachs were full. It was time to leave and go home.
I definitely recommend this restaurant if you want to experience something a bit more haute cuisine. As you can imagine, the prices go along with it, so don’t go there if it’s the end of the month and you’re broke ;). 
Bottom line: a place to try, although clearly not a contender for your everyday restaurant list.