“Litterally, in Brussels’ dialect, that’s the one who has never, never ever enough. Greedy gluttons, perfectionnists, (wo)manizers”.
That just seemed like the perfect place for the diabolic trio that Alex, Sarah and I make.
In we went.
The atmosphere is cosy and the team utterly friendly. I know it’s odd to say this…but everything gives me the Belgian vibe… very friendly, very unpretentious and just a dash freakish.
Am I making any sense?
The decor is art deco meets art nouveau meets creepy art.
I mean…have you seen where this chap has his hands on?
And how about this painting here…opens your appetite, doesn’t it? :)
Even the loo had a weird karma to it.
They have a large beer selection with tons of local brews you don’t normally find in your typical bar. (Having tried a sip from Sarah’s glass, I’m almost glad you don’t!) :P
The food is fairly Belgian, with dishes like ‘Florenville Black Pudding in Orval sauce’ or ‘Steak & mince meatrolls in “Belle Fleur” sauce’. And may I just say that their fries are all kinds of amazing.
What I liked best is the staff. We immediately talked as if we had known each other for ages. I love when that kind of complicity emerges.
In two words, I get Nüet nigenough of Nüet nigenough!