Our schedules have been playing wicked games with us lately and we hadn’t seen each other for more than two weeks. What with Sara’s long Indian tales, Anita’s work in Strasbourg and the weekend in Berlin, let’s just say that dinner at Cowfish was long over due. It was high time we gossiped & hung out.

Cowfish is yet another of Anita’s good friend Kathryn’s tips. She’s like her guru, honestly! Maybe she should let her do the blogging ’cause she just knows her way around the city… :) Believe her, this gurl gets places!

Ever since we started the blog, we’ve been trying several restaurants. Some were good, some were less good. But last night, we have reached the next level. The Cowfish is divine. It is above any other place.

First, the setting. Warm, cosy and even romantic. Golden and dark colours. Voluptuous atmosphere.

Second, we got ourselves 2 glasses of prosecco with violet syrup, as suggested by the waitress. It was like an elixir from another planet, fresh, sparkling, sweet… We probably could have sipped liters and liters of it. 

Let’s talk food. Cowfish offers various formulas with a fixed price. Us gals both went for the Appetizer – Dish – Dessert option at 30 EUR.

It goes without sayin’ that as we were waiting for our dishes, we took some pictures and talked about everything we missed while being separated. But don’t be mistaken, us gals also work hard for the blog. Exhibit A: see the papers here below? We’re thinking about fonts. Design. Something neat, classy and of simple aesthetic. We’ll be honest here: it ain’t easy to make up our minds.

Tadaaaaa… Here came the plates. Kangaroo steack with vegetables for Anita… 

… and a ramen burger for Sara. 

Now, the problem is, when your palate receives such savours, words can hardly convey the taste. So how do we say this? It was amazingly exquisite.

But guys, you know we are hard core sugar lovers. The cow treated us so right. This dessert was a concentrated of bliss, heaven in a bowl. Lemon, cream, strawberries, puff pastry. Do you get the idea? 
Someone was ready to go to sleep after all that awesome food treatment. Our bellies were full. We went home with the great satisfaction of having found a true gem in the brussels’ restauration scene. Cowfish really is the best place we gals tried so far.
Sara & Anita.