Thursday evening is a Friday in disguise. You can almost see the end of the week, but then again, it’s not completely there. Anyway, it’s still the perfect evening to go for after-work drinks, dinner, more drinks… and go home quite late. Yeah, we all now what a Friday morning face looks like.

So, last night I tried the Skievelat. To be fair, I initially planned to go eat somewhere else, but the turn of events made me end up there.

Industrial feel, steel staircase, subdued lightning, dark colours, a few mirrors here and there and a typically Belgian menu. Stoemp, meatballs in tomato sauce, mussels & fries, chicons au gratin … and more.

After a quick analysis of the menu, my partner in crime and I made our choice. In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of Belgian dishes. I mean, I like some of them. But last night only one thing caught my eye: the cheeseburger. Hadn’t had one in a long time.

The cheeseburger was good: well-cooked meat, a slice of cheese, a slice of bacon, enough onions, and delicious fries. The kind of plate that fills your stomach to the max. And hey, did you know about Brussels Ketjep? Ketje actually means “little boy” in Brusseleer, the dialect some people still speak in Brussels (especially in the Marolles area, where the Skievelat is located). It almost made me like ketchup.
P.S: Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, I didn’t have my actual camera with me.