I already wrote about YAG* and its wonderful live food cuisine. You can read the article here.

If you’re too lazy to go and read that post, let me sum things up for you ;) In YAG*, it’s all about preserving the food’s nutrients and nourishing the body instead of intoxicating it. Temperature has a big role in the process and the raw materials are all top notch quality with a focus on local and organic ingredients. And you know the best part?  It’s lick-your-fingers delicious. How often can you say that about veggies? (they serve meat too, don’t worry). The food is presented like a succulent work of art. The flavours are delicate and the ingredients are respected. I honestly think the Michelin dudes ought to pay the place a visit.

I went for lunch the other day and I was super happy to hear there are news on the lunch front! You see, I used to think it was a tad pricey, especially for a casual lunch. Well, now they have a “soup lunch menu” at 15 euros, which is totally fair. You can choose between toast+soup  OR  salad+soup. Toasts are the new kids on YAG*’s menu and they are super nice. Especially if you’re a bit tired of all the gluten-free craze. Now you can enjoy your scrumptious toasted bread with delish toppings.

In the pictures below you can see what we had last week, to give you an idea of the menu, which varies all the time:

  • Fresh home made juice with red cabbage, apple, lemon and orange.
  • Kimchi
  • Cashew nuts-matcha cream with Daikon radish lace, wakame seaweed and Yuzu spices
  • Toast with homemade mustard (OMG), marinated sirloin, rocket and apple
  • Cauliflower-cinnamon soup
  • Beef flank steak with mustard sauce, spinach leaves, home-dried tomatoes and celery-swede brunoise
  • Sea bream with carrot-juniper cream, beet and orange raw sauce.
  • Raw chocolate cake, cashew nut, spices, vanilla and orange zest

Finally, another great thing happening at YAG is the evening’s aperos where you can have a nibble and enjoy the natural wines. That’s Wednesday to Friday at 18h (you can have the usual 2-3 course dinner afterwards) and Saturday as of 17h. I am eager to go & test the wines (low sulphites mean no headache!) on a sunny Saturday afternoon on their lovely little terrace! Next weekend, weather abiding :)


YAG, 59 rue Washington, 1050 Brussels, T: +32 2 538 65 80, Open for lunch Tuesday to Friday 12-14h30, evenings from Wednesday to Friday 18-22 and Saturday for apero from 17-23.

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