The other day, I stopped by Pistolet, a new little intriguing place close to Place du Grand Sablon. Actually, I had already noticed the place months ago, even before it opened its doors. 
I immediately thought the concept was brilliant. Genius. I mean, Belgium is known for chocolate, mussels, beer, waffles and so on… the pistolet is the unrightly lesser known speciality. As far as my childhood memories go, I can remember my mom buying those from the baker. 

Yup, it was about time the pistolet got a place dedicated to it. The small delicatessen is tastefully decorated in red and white tones. A few tables, a counter, shelves with lovely unusual products. I loved it. 
After I ordered my very own pistolet, I took a seat and wondered what it is about that little bread that makes it special? It’s crispy, it’s airy, it’s light. It’s delicious. 

I received my lunch a few moments later. A pistolet with fried white pudding and sweet onions, coupled with a glass of Spa water. Oh so Belgian.

It was so good, it was too small. But hey, I resisted the temptation of the second round. In case you need further explanation, like, not the savoury ones, read below: 
Pistolet is a one of a kind place, perfect to have a sandwich – authentic Belgian edition. Here are a few more pictures to show how cute is the inside. As I was snapping around, it occurred to me: I was so glad I finally discovered Pistolet, I wondered why I didn’t do it earlier. You know, that exact same feeling you get when you start going to the gym, when you get that new haircut or when you get yourself out of a toxic relationship.

Wait no more. Besides, Marcolini & Léon de Bruxelles have some serious competition now.