La Meilleure Jeunesse is a Restaurant located between Place Flagey and Av. Louise.
On 58, rue de l’Aurore. Brussels. Belgium. World.

I went in with Kathryn and “the guys”, not to name and shame.
Us bunch sat at a low table with comfy couches and a stool.
As the last to arrive, I got the stool, obviously.

The place is two very different atmospheres in one. It’s decadent meets boudoir meets candle-dinner meets Dennis Hopper.

On the front and bigger area, the light is subdued and the ceiling golden. Perfect spot to make out in between dishes.
Needless to say I didn’t. But I intend to fix that ;)

The staff are super friendly. I almost want to be friends with them.

Now, food.
The lamb is very nice. As are the ravioli. And the pain de veau. Yum.
And if Gin&Tonics are your thing, you’re gonna love theirs. The cucumber just gives it the right twist. I’m a non-gintonicker, following a painful and legendary episode.

If you go to the back of the Restaurant, you find another world. You enter a blissful and light room, with white wood, sheepskin and such a summer feeling.

For me, it was like being in Uruguay without leaving the 1000 zipcode.

We stayed until it closed. We met ‘Detch’, a vibrant girl who works for the Voice Belgium, and Manuel, who enlightened us on Arab World Politics. Clay did a number or two himself. Lee kept pouring our drinks from behind the bar. Hilarious & light atmosphere.

I’ll be back when it’s warmer and camp in the back.