Whenever I end up in the Ste Catherine area I go to the same places, give or take a few exceptions.
I was glad to stray away from the usual suspects (De markten, Zebra…) and discover Les Filles on rue Vieux Marché aux Grains 46.
Great warm (and girly) setting, huge wooden tables to share them with your fellow diner and clouds of vintage framed portraits.

I met there with Jason, my dear Greek friend for an afterlunch coffee.

What a stupid thing to do really…
Had I know it was Brunch time at Les Filles, I wouldn’t have had my sad lunch at home!
I wished I could have de-lunched on the spot.
(Can some brainy person please go and invent that, a de-lunching device?)

Moving on…

Instead of listing all of the things they DO at Les Filles, it would be easier to list what doesn’t happen there, as it’d be shorter ;)

You can go for lunch Monday to Friday and have their 15 EUR menu or try their 25 EUR dinner.
And during weekends, not only can you, you MUST try their brunch cause not doing so is a real endeavour, believe me.

You can also do your fine and fun grocery shopping there; get your fresh daily bread or some of the epic supersec products, or Italian delis, dairy & whatnot.

You can even order a basket full of season fruits & veggies for your week!

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the girls also organise corporate events, with private cooking lessons and anything you can think of.

They’re currently enjoying their summer holidays (seeing all they do during the year I think they deserve it!)
But after August 20, how about you pay them a visit?
Brunch plans anyone next weekend?