The holiday season and its food abundance is now over, but our heads are still full of memories of the times we shared with our loved ones.

I came back to my family for the occasion and I had a beautiful winter break. Among all of our reunions, we went to the Belgian Ardennes for a lunch with my mother’s family. So we basically ended up in the middle of nowhere, in Nassogne, at a temporary restaurant called L’insensé. Unfortunately it closed on the 4th of January but I still wanted to share my little experience with you !


I didn’t really know what we would find once we would have stepped in. But as we passed the door step, I realised this was everything you anyone would expect from a winter wonderand: Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling… A big central wood burning stove… Warm and cosy chandeliers… I was almost gonna ask where was Santa hiding? Any reindeer?

P1020200 P1020203

The specialty they served? The classic and original Savoyard cheese fondue… Saying googbye to all the detox ideas I was having on the 1st of January.


A little foie gras to begin with…


Then we got to use that machine I had never tried before. The authetic Savoyard cheese fondue.

P1020223 P1020226

Delicious potatoes. And that cheese. Absolutely wonderful. My palate was melting along with it…

If you’re interested in visiting the place, it is part of a very cosy hotel, the Beau Séjour. Now that L’insensé is closed, their permament restaurant, Le Barathym, is open again and it has been awarded a bib gourmand. In my opinion, this should be worth a little detour to the Belgian Ardennes and the village of Nassogne.