So, it’s Saturday, it’s almost sunny and the temperature is more than decent. Is there a better activity than taking pictures around Brussels and then sitting down for a coffee? 

From the Ste Catherine area – how beautiful does it look with these autumnal shades? – we headed towards a place I’d never been to before. Its name alone sufficed to awaken my eagerness. 

Le Cercle des Voyageurs. Besides this dreamy name, the place is pure perfection from A to Z.

It’s a restaurant. It’s a bar. It’s a coffee place. It has a library. It hosts small exhibitions, concerts, conferences. It offers a selection of film screenings. 

In other words, with its rich cultural programme revolving around the theme of travel, Le Cercle des Voyageurs is THE place for all wanderlusters out there who also crave for a gustatory pleasure. 

As if things weren’t already totally charming, the place exhales tranquility. Once you sit down, observ, listen to the background music, a feeling of zenitude takes over you.

Their drinks menu gives you a hard time picking what you’ll have. So many different teas with exotic names, various coffee preparations, hot chocolate…  

It’s official, I am completely smitten with Le Cercle des Voyageurs. I am SO looking forward to going back there. Try the food, the wine, attend some of their cultural events. Stepping in there is already a journey per se.

Just before leaving the place, I realised they also organise an Aperitivo – Italian style – every Thursday and Friday from 17 to 19. The concept is that you buy yourself a drink and then you can enjoy a buffet made of a myriad of little bites. MUST TRY. Too bad the time slot is a bit early & short. 

On our way home, sister & I walked by this window. Whatever the reason you are in Brussels, make the most of it. Our city has so much to offer.