I only recently discovered Garage à manger, in the Chatelain area and I can’t understand what took me so long…. The place is just absolutely fabulous.

It used to be a garage and parking lot and Clémence & Joël, who you might know from the “El Camion” food truck, have transformed the place into an incredible spot for brunch, lunch, dinners and private events.


I tried the brunch (25eur) which consists of a hot beverage, freshly squeezed orange juice and the sweet and savoury buffet.


I love that you help yourself from the open kitchen. You just open their huge pans and pile up your dish. The vibe in the kitchen is great too, those guys are having fun. None of that busy kitchen fuss and stress. 

The industrial feel of the old garage is softened by the vintage furniture and the huge common wooden tables. The tables and chairs are part of the Tablok collection by the Prototype team. 

I warn you though, Garage à manger is very kids friendly, which can be good or bad, depending on your side of the coin. It even has a trailer for children to play and tons of toys.

If the brunch is great, their cuisine is even better on weekdays lunch and Friday dinners. It’s a grandma meets cool chef kinda thing. What’s not to love?

We celebrated Harry’s birthday last Friday and the 4 course menu was lickyourfingers delicious.

They bring huge plates and you have to help yourself. I love that approach, it’s in line with the ‘like at home’ vibe.
And the food is as delicate as local and yummy. We couldn’t decide on our favorite dish.

But we were a crazy bunch. You can’t seriously take our word for it.
You’re going to have to go & try it yourself.