Those of you who know me will vouch that I’m no geek. I’m as much a tech-savvy as I’m an austronaut.

So when I received my own Sonos Play 1, I was convinced I wouldn’t manage.

As the days passed by I got more and more eager and I asked myself: are you an independent woman or are you a helpless half-blonde loser? I decided I would be a can-do person and took the damn instructions and set to instal the audio device.

It was so easy it almost installed itself. Hell, it is so autonomous that this article was auto-generated!

Kidding aside, I love this baby. Once I downloaded the app and let Sonos instal itself, I was all set to play my iPhone and Deezer playlists at a super sound quality. Impressed.

You can also listen to the more than 100,000 pre loaded radio stations or to your Amazon Music, Spotify, Juke and plenty other online services.

I plugged it in the bathroom first and took a musical bath. Nice. Then I thought… how often do I plunge in bubbles? Not enough. So I moved the Sonos to the living room, where I spend most of my waking hours. I sat it next to my cats’ napping basket. Sonos, this is Nestor. Nestor, this is Sonos.

I think they like each other.

IMG_1953 IMG_1958

If I’m rating my Sonos Play 1, I would say:

On the downside: I wish it could also play YouTube or your friends’ songs, if it had a mini jack, for instance… and it would rock if it had a battery so you could carry it with you unplugged.

On the brightside: I love its pure design and it’s so easy to instal that even a baby can do it. I mean I did it. You control everything from your smartphone. It has a very nice sound quality. And gets loud!! Ok, it’s mono, but you could instal two in a larger room. Another very cool thing is that Play 1 is humidity-resistant, so you can plug it (as I did) in the bathroom. Ok, don’t splatter it or throw it in the bathtub. Promise me. Don’t want to visit you in jail of in the graveyard. Gives me the creeps.

At less than 200 EUR, it’s a proud competitor to giants like Bose. Good value for money my friend.

And since we’re talking music, I thought I would leave you with a little playlist. Guess who the second gal is?

sonos playlist illustration_BS

  1. Oscar & the Wolf – Undress (so much better than 50 shades of Grey)
  2. Anita – Desire (cause a gal will sing)
  3. Ohia – Lioness (one of my fave tunes ever)
  4. Hydrogen Sea – End Up (You’ll be definetely be hearing more of them on the blog)