Yesterday I was telling you all about ICI, one of my discoveries of last week, when I wandered down to rue Darwin.
Well, this little marvelous street sure has a righteous name, because it’s a (r)evolutionary finding!

Today I’ going to be telling you about Bonnie & Jane, a cute shop where time seems to have stopped, in awe of all the beauty.

Walk down to number 34, rue Darwin, right across from ICI and push the door to treasureland.

Almost everything in sight is for sale. So don’t be afraid to ask about that ragged couch or that bizarre hanging lamp. It could end up in your living room.

Next to the eery ancient mirrors, where who knows how many ladies have gazed at themselves before, Bonnie & Jane have a pretty little backyard, too. With more mirrors!

I fell in love with a wall cabinet painted forest. And don’t you just need those old cinema seats?

I have the feeling I’ll be coming back to fetch Christmas presents.

That is if the rue Darwin shops don’t leave me bankrupt before time! Yes, the plural is in order, as I have more places to tell you about…