I joined my gals Anita and Eglantine in Paris on Friday evening, right after leaving the office. Needless to say, I was already dying to leave by 3.00 pm. 

As soon as I stepped out of the Thalys, I knew this would be an awesome week-end. The weather was perfect. The city is marvelous and I would be spending time with the most amazing friends.

Ligne 4, station Strasbourg – St Denis. Finally, there I was! I so love taking the metro in other cities. Here in Brussels, I feel like I’m so used to it, sadly it doesn’t fascinate me that much anymore. But in Paris, London, New York or wherever else, I absolutely adore to observe the diversity of people stepping in and out, wondering whether they are tourists or locals, wondering who they are, what they do, what’s their story.

Eglantine was expecting us with a bottle of Sauternes wine. Does it get better than this? Actually, yes, it does.

The plan for dinner was to go to The Fish Club. I didn’t really know what to expect from that place as the name sounded quite weird to me. Anita found it on the internet, being described as the latest trendy restaurant in Paris. As a matter of fact, when we called to book our table, they told us they only had a possibility at 10.30 pm. This must mean something, right? So we took it. 

Us three gals got to a very cosy place with subdued lightening, beautiful wallpapers of Aztec inspiration and vintage chairs. The Fish Club offers seafood with a South American touch: Ceviche, Tiraditos, Pisco... The plates are sized more like Tapas which is perfect to try various dishes and I must say, the result is a total delish.

While Anita and Eglantine both went for a Ceviche accompanied by salad and spinach, I decided to try the Champi Scampi (mushrooms filled with shrimp) and potatoes with cheese. As for the drinks, we tried the Pisco Sour: originally a Peruvian cocktail, it is prepared with Pisco, sugar, fresh lime juice and egg whites. 

Oh boy, that was good. Probably one of the best dinners ever. Everything was so tasty. When Eglantine had a bite of my Champi, the first words she could utter were: Oh my god. TWICE. That pretty much says it all I guess.

Our night wasn’t over yet. After this trip in food paradise, we headed to a party at one of Eglantine’s friends, which she described as “a party full of Italians”. Ok, so she definitely knows how to get my attention and I must admit I suddenly was quite interested in going there, no matter how far it was. Thankfully she is the best guide one could wish for, and she took us from one side of Paris to another by bus. 

It is always a one of a kind experience to arrive at a party where everyone is completely wasted, but you’re not. And that’s when you can’t help but wonder to yourself, oh god, do I act the same when I am drunk? Well, I believe some things are better left unsaid (or unknown).
Anyway, we met all sorts of interesting people and had a good laugh, although I was somehow expecting to run into Antonio Candreva‘s doppleganger or something, which didn’t happen.

All disillusions aside, it was wonderful evening. We were SO ready for the rest of the week-end.