I have a weakness for pink food and beverages. 
Be it Rosé wine, Watermelon or Rhubarb.
I especially fancy the latter in all its forms. Rhubarb-schorle Berlin-style or a good old Rhubarb-meringue pie.

But I decided to try a lighter pudding recipe with an Oriental twist.

Cardamom and caraway poached Rhubarb.


It’s delicate and interesting, the many layers of flavours softly invading your palate. I loved it.
I served it with Yoghurt mousse on top, but I’d bet good money that vanilla ice-cream melting on the warm rhubarb wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

You’ll need:

1/2 kg Rhubarb. Clean and trim them, then chop them in 10cm pieces.
4 Tablespoons of brown sugar (white will do)
2 cups of water
1/2 Teaspoons of lightly crushed cardamom pods
1/2 Teaspoons of lightly crushedcaraway seeds

How to:

Put the water, sugar and spices in a large pan or skillet in low heat, then add the rhubarb. 
Try to have the rhubarb in one layer.
Let it simmer for 5 minutes until soft, but never let it boil.
Take (carefully) the rhubarb out and let the liquid boil and reduce for like 5 minutes in medium heat.


Serve rhubarb with the pink syrup and spices. Add Yoghurt mousse or Ice-cream for more decadence.