Introductory question: Have you ever felt like everything looks prettier on Sundays?

With the fam, we chose to stay close to my place and explore the neighbourhood. I’m lucky to have moved to an amazing area of Paris… but I’ll say more about that in another post. So, just a few streets away from my apartment is one of the most iconic landmarks of Paris: the Père Lachaise Cemetery.

The last time I visited it was during one of my childhood city trips with my parents, and I had kept in my memory that my dad took us see Jim Morrison’s grave. At the time, of course, I didn’t exactly know who he was. Ever since, the Père Lachaise stayed in my mind as some kind of mysterious and magical place.

Only with time I learned that so many other icons and legends were buried there. Unfortunately, last Sunday, when I went back I didn’t manage to find one of those small maps at the entrance. Result? We visited the cemetery at complete random. But we thought there are so many great names there to see, even without a map, we’re gonna find most of them. Well, that didn’t happen.

The place is so big, it’s very difficult to find your way without any extra help. We just decided to go with the flow and follow the various paths. Regardless of all the names we missed, the silence and incredible atmosphere reigning there turned our visit into a beautiful moment.

After such a peaceful morning, we were in for some healthy/veggie brunch. I heard about Bloom on the internet, of course. Interestingly enough, Anita and I already went to that place a little more than a year ago, except at the time it was Mamie Green.

The name and owners have changed, but the spirit of the place remained: healthy, veggie food made with local products. The brunch comes in two variations.