East Canteen is a super nice foodie address in Strasbourg. Since its opening in April this year, the place has already conquered many hearts and is therefore often packed. Once you go, you’ll understand why. The food is delicious and simple. Street food style from all over Asia. It’s Saigon meets Seoul meets Tokyo. The blend is an absolute success.

I especially recommend the veggie Baozi (I used to call them Bahn Bao), the Gyoza and the Okonomiyaki. They also serve salads, soups, pad thais, dak gangjeong and stews. You can take a look at their menu below. The cocktails are also a pleasant surprise. Fresh and exotic although I didn’t quite like the matcha-pear cocktail. Too “nourishing” for my taste.

The interiors in East Canteen are gorgeous. Fusion all over again. It’s sophisticated & cosy at the same time. Bamboo, plants and greens for the warmth and red neons and metal for the urban feel. They have big communal tables for groups of friends (or to meet your chopstick-neighbours) and more secluded tables for a more intimate meal.

All in all, I love everything about it. Food, interior, friendly staff and mild check. It’s a little trip to Asia in the heart of Strasbourg. I’ll be coming back often and totally recommend it both to locals and the eurocrats on mission!


East Canteen, 2, Place des Orphelins, Strasbourg. T: +33 03 67 68 01 08. Open everyday from noon to half past midnight (kitchen closes at 23h).

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