Now that Fall is upon us, we are officially allowed to go shop for boots, tights, cardigans, sweaters… everything all over again in the new season’s trends. We gals hear emerald green and burgundy are THE colours to wear. Grey is the new black. 

Oh yes we’re gonna miss our sundresses and crop tops. Ok, not the crop tops.

Anita & I decided to spend our first autumnal Saturday in Antwerp and try to find the best pieces to incorporate in our respective wardrobes. Being only 45 mins away from Brussels and boasting so many boutiques, it is the perfect one-day getaway destination.

They say diamonds are girls’ best friends – they also say Gentlemen prefer blondes… Obviously, they didn’t quite get it. Let us disagree on both. Antwerp’s Diamond Quarter might be the largest diamond center in the world, we still prefer fashion. And as for blondes…well, no words needed.

Our plan for the day was to combine shopping with some wandering around in the lovely small streets, hoping to discover some hidden treasures. Antwerp exhales a completely different atmosphere than Brussels. It feels more “nordic”. Seven Rooms is like the apotheosis of this: raw and uncluttered at the same time.

All of this was a perfect example of wishful shopping. You know, the erroneous belief that one’s shopping wishes are in accordance with one’s credit cards’ reality. It was time to pause for a little lunch.

A focaccia and a coke later, we continued our pilgrimage with heavy baggage. 

We ended up in Your. An incredible shop with all kinds of stuff. From fashion books to fun chewing gum and everything in between. Like shoes, beauty products and sexy gifts.

Both our visas and our feet were sore so we began our journey back to the train station. It was more like a slow crawl.

We came across a bunch of mounted containers with huge photos. They are part of an installation that displays iconic pieces by famous designers that graduated in Antwerp.

It was the end of our trip to Creative-land. Also known as time for a nap and getting dressed for our night out at the Penthouse.

But that’s a story we will keep for ourselves…

Anita & Sara