As I was saying, Kathryn and I were hungry as Berlin bears. Fortunately, we were having drinks at Tante Emma.

P1090229 P1090228 tante emma-r

What’s so great about that? Err…

A) be nice. Tante Emma is a nice spot for drinks in a decadent cool atmosphere. We had the weinschorle. Basically, wine with sparkling. We didn’t want to get drunk on empty stomachs!

Which brings us back to food.
Awe, food…
B) Tante Emma is 5′ away from Sage, where we had booked for dinner.
Roomdivision diephotodesigner

It was my third time there. So you can already guess that this is a positive review. Also, you read the title which is not exactly neutral.

Sage is located in an old factory of some kind. Hence the industrial feel. It’s right on the banks of the Spree river in Kreuzberg.

It was a bit chilly when we went in March but in summer they have the beach all set up and it’s very very nice.

Credit: Sage Restaurant

They serve local dishes like Schnitzel or Kartoffelsalat but also Italian classics like pizza, pasta, bruschetta, caprese…

I tried the stone oven pizzas and definitely recommend them. But we had eaten like pigs the whole day so we acted like well behaved girls and ordered a plate of antipasti (yummy) and a garden salad. Good too.

We didn’t get pudding as we had leftovers on our plates and somehow thought it was rude.
Looking back, I think it was a stupid idea.
Really, politeness is overrated.
This is how Sage looks during the day.

Credit: Remodelista


Credit: Restaurants Berlin

By the way, you know I don’t normally use other people’s pics on the blog, but I have to admit mine didn’t pay enough tribute to this great place so… I cheated.

The loo.
Amazing. One of my favorite places in Sage. And I’m not being sarcastic. I mean you saw the pics by now. No, I’m genuinely excited about the loo.

And look at thiiiiiis!
This is the toilet flush.


Fancypants electrovibe stuff huh?
So what are you waiting for? FLUSH! I mean RUSH!