I’ve never really been the “jewel” kinda girl.


Lately however I’ve found myself browsing for hours on the internet in search for the perfect minimal jewel. That trend really caught my eye because it perfectly fits my idea of aesthetics: delicate, discreet and simple.


In my quest for the perfect minimal jewelry, I came across 7bis, a French brand launched in 2007 by lovebirds Nathalie & Laurent, who are based in the Marais area, in Paris.


Their collection is absolutely adorable and charming, and I am so in love with their tiny animal origami pieces. And that pineapple. Also part of my faves.


From necklaces to rings, bracelets or earings, you’ll most probably end up wanting everything from 7bis. And don’t worry at all about the money, these adorable pieces come at a tiny price. As for me, I haven’t bought anything yet, but my guess is, it’s gonna change soon!


Photo credit: http://www.delphinetoutcourt.com/