You know how sometimes all you need is some me-time to pamper yourself and feel resourced and ready to rock? Well, that’s exactly what we did this Saturday.
We heard the Make me up team was organising workshops in Brussels and we signed up for the full shabam; the three workshops, lunch and refreshments.

We arrived at The Hotel and were greeted by Nathalie, Sybille & Pierre-Antoine, namely two make-up artists and a fashion designer. Throughout the whole day, their explanations were super clear, they took the time to help each one of the participants, giving personalised advice and offering their professional help after every demo.

The atmosphere was so girly. Do you remember when Carrie Bradshaw had to model down the catwalk wearing only jewelled panties and a blue jacket? Remember the crazy frenzy in the backstage with all the hairdressers and make up artists and the lights and the fabulousness? Well, this was it. Except, without Carrie. And without the models. And without the catwalk. But you get the gist ;)

The team provides everything, from your very own little make-up station (mirror, brushes, pads) to the moisturisers and of course, the make-up itself.  

Our day consisted of 3 make-up sessions on 3 different themes.


We learned some fundamental basics, like how to choose your foundation colour by testing it near your neck line; how to apply the bb cream with a brush and how to work your eyes into looking deeper yet natural. It´s all about blending the different phases, apparently.
This look really does make your face glow, it magically washes away all signs of tiredness, and yet it seems like you barely have any product on your face. 


After the first workshop, which passed by super quickly, we were invited for lunch. We´re not going to show you the whole buffet because it would be almost indecent. Let us just say it was fine, healthy and yummy.


After dessert, Sybille and Nathalie had set everything ready for the 2nd round. They told us about the winter trends set by the giants, like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Gucci.
They taught us how to make a burgundy smoky eye. They tried it on one of the girls, Theresa, and it looked amazing.
On Anita, it looked as if she was either really sick or someone had punched her in the face. Burgundy will not become a part of her beauty look this winter (or the next). Sara totally rocked the burgundy smoky but it wasn´t her best colour.
All in all, it was interesting to try new eye-shadow colours, however it became obvious how some trends don’t suit everyone. 


After a much needed coffee break and a rehydration phase, we got onto the final workshop. At this point, we had already figured out which colours suited us and which smoky eye we´d go for. We did have a nice evening ahead, with the Nuit Blanche rapidly approaching…

Important: when you´re doing a smoky eye, you have to do it before you do the foundation, so as to remove any fallen powders from your face.

When our eyes were smoking, we applied a creamy HD foundation and learned how to contour our face, highlighting the T-section with a lighter tone, applying a darker tone on the sides of the forehead and under the cheeks and finally blending it all in.
Then came a brush of blush, mascara, and bits of fake eyelashes. Natural ones, so as to avoid looking like tramps ;)

Sara’s favourite result was this one. Yes, it’s not the most discreet make-up, but it really does put the spotlight on your eyes. It brings a lot of depth and intensity. Perfect to go out and shine like a star (or a diamond, as Rihanna would say).

We were all set, ready to rock the night.

Anita & Sara