beredfirst by radisson

We live in the selfie era. We take so many selfies… Some fun, some cute, some totally useless…

B U T   W H A T   I F   A   S E L F I E   C O U L D   G E T   Y O U   T O   T H E   U S ?

Yes, baby. Radisson RED has just moved into Brussels and they intend to spoil you. By taking a selfie at the hotel and posting it on your IG or Twitter, you could win a trip for 2 to the first Radisson RED in Minneapolis, Minessota (4-day/3-nights). Entering the contest is super simple:

How to enter


All the details about the contest can be found here.

Not that you would need more reasons to participate than the perspective of winning the big prize… but also, I have to say the hotel itself is pretty rad. It’s artsy and design and young and über cool.

“We have no time for beige. We’re RED to the core. We’ve designed our places and spaces to be bold and eclectic. Bringing art to life in our architecture and throughout the hotel, it’s almost like a sleepover in a gallery.”

So if you’re looking for a place to stay in Brussels be it for yourself, friends or family, Radisson RED could just be the place. It’s all about connectivity and making things super simple gor the guests. They even created an app so that you can order food from your smartphone, chat with other guests, check in & out… Their website is pretty damn cool too, featuring a cityguide, cultural highlights of the month, write-ups on artists and much more to inspire your stay.

I’m definitely taking part in the contest and you should too.

Say cheeeeeeeese!!!!

Beredfirst Contest Anita-2