Soho House Berlin-FB

Berlin Soho House is located in one of the most emblematic buildings in Mitte and it’s many things in one. An exclusive Members’ club, a hotel, a cowshed spa, a rooftop pool and several restaurants.

And better yet? They have opened an incredible space called The Store. A concept store that reminds me of Merci in Paris. But more generous. Because not only can you shop outstanding pieces, get books, magazines, music, beauty products and grab a bite… you can also hangout on their couches. Several living rooms everywhere punctuate the space like little islands of chillness. You’ll find creatives working on their computers here and there. I went with my brother and he had to struggle to get me to leave! I have the feeling that a place like this would be super pretentious in other cities, with that ‘what-are-you-doing-here’ kinda attitude. But not in Berlin. In this city, cool is a community. it’s shared. generous like coffee in an american diner. So if you’re a hipster in love of everything rad or just want a gorgeous place to hangout, go to The Store.


The Store, Torstr. 1, 10119 Berlin, Germany. Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

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