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The Yogurt Farm is a very cute place in rue Bailli, an area that I absolutely love in Brussels and where I spend many a Friday afternoon. I recently paid the place a visit for a quick lunch and I quite enjoyed it. You won’t be surprised, the central element of their menu is yougurt. For breakfast, lunch or snack time. They have many types of yogurt: goats, cow, soja yoghurt, cottage cheese, low fat or regular… and my favorite: Frozen Yogurt!!! The Yogurt Farm works with local farmers and producers (always within a 250km radius) and really stand for sustainable agriculture, giving priority to seasonal and organic products.

So how does it work? Check it out here:

yogurt farm menu

The place has been decorated nicely with warm tones, a lot of wood and a flying cow. I love the ceiling fluffy lamp and the little patio on the back, perfect to enjoy a frozen yogurt on a sunny day!

They have a lot of toppings for sweet yogurt, too. I like the decadent options involving oreos but you can also go for healthier versions like granola or fruit coulis. If you’re a yogurt convert or not yet, I say you give it a try!


The Yogurt Farm, Rue du Bailli 14, Brussels, T: +32 (0)2 644.14.99. Open Monday to Friday from 10-19h and Saturday from 09.30 to 20h.


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All photos are mine except the last one of the froyo which has to be credited to The Yogurt Farm.