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Saint Octave just opened its doors in Rue Haute in the Marolles. The cheese and charcuterie shop offers a wide range of hand crafted cheese and deli cuts. Octave Laloux, the young man behind this project, has a beautiful story to tell. After a windy road in the cinema and marketing worlds, having worked for 20th Century Fox, he decided to explore the realm of cheese and charcuterie, following the steps of his grandpa and great-grandpa. For Octave, a privileged relation with the producers is absolutely paramount and contrary to what usually happens in the big distribution circuits, producers are at the center of the equation here.

During high school, Octave and his buddies had founded the “cheese committee”. That’s how they called their movies nights around a well assorted cheese platter. A prophetic tradition combining Octave’s two passions. To prepare for this adventure, Octave traveled all over in France, sleeping in his car, meeting the producers, getting to know their story, their life, their animals and their products. He learned all about cheese with Antoine Stoffel and now it’s his turn to pay his respects to this traditional craft.

The little shop just opened its doors last Thursday and even though they already have a large selection of cheese and charcuterie, more varieties will arrive in spring. Like burrata, mozzarella and mortadella. Can’t wait. Their gorgonzola is truly dreamy and although the camembert was still a bit ‘raw’, the brie de meaux was excellent.

Planning a movies night at home? An evening with friends on the terrace? Why not around a good cheese platter?

Saint Octave, Rue Haute 254, Brussels – Open Tuesday-Friday from 8:30-14 & 16-18:30 and Saturday-Sunday from 9:30-18.30.

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All pictures are mine except for the collages with the producers pictures, which are to be credited to Saint Octave.