God Save the Cream is a lovely British restaurant / café / gourmet grocery shop right next to Place Stéphanie. The place is absolutely gorgeous, with their English Green walls, the hanging plants and the wallpaper… Perfect for a nice lunch after your shopping spree in Av. Louise or for tea-time with the gals.

For lunch, they serve exquisite combined dishes with homemade veggie sides (there’s meat too worry not, like their epic Angus beef pie). You can also take them away if you’re in a rush.

The choice for homemade cakes is astonishing too… I must have stood there 10 whole minutes eyeing each and every one of them struggling not to drool. I finally chose a lemon posset with poached fruits, which was delicate and fresh.

They serve homemade drinks too (still or bubbly): Ginger-lemon, passion-fruit lemongrass, hibiscus-lemon, strawberry-rhubarb…

Their brunch is fantastic too. For 25 euros you get: A bowl of homemade granola with vanilla yoghurt and poached fruit // Homemade Brioche roasted with salted butter, whipped cream with amchoor (mango powder), roasted kacha seeds, dried fruits, blueerries and wildberries // A God Save the Cream Dish: choice between pickles fennel / eggplant, peanuts and kaffir lemon / carrots roasted with pomegranate treacle, sunflower seeds and coriander / roasted cauliflower, tandoori, radicchio and parsley / quinoa, cucumber, anans, lemon and poppyseed / basmati and black jasmin rice, sweet potatoes, roasted quinoa and garlic / broccoli, sesame, miso sauce / lavash // A hot- and a cold drink.

And what I love is that you can still order à la carte if you’re not feeling that hungry or prefer having something else. Like their epic chocolate fudge or their gorgeous Victoria sponge (rose, pistachio and caraway) or how about the Banana Eton mess (amchoor meringue, caramelised pecan nuts, lime whipped cream and banana caramel)?

You can grocery shop too. They have porridge, cookies, tea, granola, jams… the Brits in Brussels will find a little piece of home in these shelves! All in all, a great address in the Louise quarter with top quality homemade food.


God Save the Cream, 131 rue de Stassart, T.: +32 2 503 07 75. Open Monday to Friday from 11h30 to 18h30 and Saturday 09h30-18h30.

All pictures are mine except for the first one, credit: God Save the Cream.

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