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Living Room is located in Place Rey, somewhat hidden in the European Quarter. So much so, I had heard of the place many times and yet managed to miss it even though I work really close by, on the other side of Park Leopold. The good side is that it’s a little piece of heaven for those seeking calm and cosiness. And better yet: it’s a design oasis.

I love cafés and cool hangouts to grab a coffee with a friend, read or work on some pics. But I find that the setting makes for a really important part of the experience. And when it comes to rad design and interiors, it doesn’t get much better than Living Room. It’s a shopcafé, you see? So you can grab a cup of coffee, nibble on a cake, have lunch or brunch and then buy the couch you’re sitting on! Or the super cool Arne Jacobsen cup you’re drinking from. Or playing with. Believe me. You’re gonna want to take that lamp with you. And the rug too. Actually, if you could move into Living Room altogether, you probably would.

At Living Room, you can expect really friendly staff, super comfortable couches to spend the morning or afternoon, great coffee, yummy sweets and all kinds of healthy treats for lunch. Soups, quinoa salads, quiches, you know the drill. You can spy on the kitchen peeps through the industrial windows separating it from the counter. I love that. Upstairs, you’ll find a more “serious” setting with “normal” tables and chairs while the groundfloor is a huge living room. The scandinavian lovers will feel at home and the design freaks will clap their hands. This is one of Brussels little gems. One of these days I’ll go for brunch and tell you all about it. But till then, I hope these pictures will show you the mood.


Living Room – Place Jean Rey 8, Open Monday to Friday from 8 to 6 and weekends from 10 to 6. T: +32 493 18 27 74

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