Whether your 2015 sucked or was amazing, we are a greedy species. So we’ll want 2016 to be better than the last. Bring us more joy. More health. More awesome moments, laughter that makes you cry on the floor. Legendary friends, fun memories, epic concerts and beautiful things. I wish you all those things and more. I hope next year won’t be as savage. As ruthless and violent. I hope we can all be little happier and more generous. Nicer to people. Nicer to animals. Less grumpy. More aware. Love more and all those tacky things that are actually what makes our lives worth living. I hope to post stuff that are interesting, that can be useful and sometimes inspiring. I’ll try to get better, write better, take better pics. Be more acurate and relevant.

To cut to the chase and make a long story short: have yourselves a great 2016 peeps.