Little Green Shop-5

When a tea room meets a flower shop, the hybrid result is called The Little Green Shop and it’s lovely. Their garden is beautiful and the interior is just as cosy. Sara and Nicolas, both florists, serve you tea, coffee, cake, lunch or brunch on sundays.

I must come back to try their Sunday vegetarian brunch, which is a buffet of homemade dishes, sweet and savoury for only 15€ (drinks aside). Apparently, it’s so good that it can make a carnivore forget their meat. That’s a challenge I intend to accept.

Plus I’ll take any excuse to meet these little guys again. No offense Nicolas and Sara, but I’m talking about your Shiba Inus. They’re a Japanese breed of wonderful dogs and they remind me a lot of the Akita Inus (bigger) I had in Uruguay. So playful and cuuute!


Little Green Shop – 314, Chaussée d’Alsemberg, T: +32 2 218 11 21, Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 19 and on Sundays for brunch, same hours.

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