We met the Palladium Explorers for coffee at My little Melbourne and ended up going vintage-shopping. In the meantime, they told us about their trip so far. Imagine travelling for 2 months straight with someone you’ve never met before. It can be the perfect recipe for genius or disaster… As it turns out, they’ve become bffs and I think they owe it to their incredible personalities. When we met them, they had been to Lyon, with its exciting street art scene. Magical Istanbul. Creative Bristol. Hip Antwerp. Romantic Florence… They recommend getting your travel advice from the social media and here are the (odd) travel essentials they always carry in their suitcase:

  • plug adaptor
  • blender (in case the local food scene disappoints)
  • portable phone battery charger

Big vintage lover, Georgia took us to Retrock in Anker köz 2. While she was trying on some outfits, we waited outside with Emmanuel. He’s a weird-people magnet! In the space of 10′, we were approached by two funny characters. Good times. Then, we left them to explore the city further deep, all of us walking in our Palladium boots, the perfect partners in crime.

Check out the City Explorers Video below. Captures the city’s odd, rough, industrial and party scene:

“Georgia and Emmanuel’s guide to the city is Andi Galdi Vinko, who many consider to be the emerging photographer du jour by Vice, Paper Magazine and The New Yorker. She gives our “City Explorers” the insiders’ tour of her city. Andi, Georgia and Emmanuel check out Csepel Gyártelep, a Palladium-esque labyrinth of (mostly) abandoned factories from the communist era, littered with trains and old buildings, this place is a time-warp and perfect for exploring.” Walkie Talkie

Thanks Emmanuel and Georgia for the laughs and shared moments. And big thanks to Walkie Talkie for making the trip happen!!

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