September is lurking on us, the summer holidays are slowly but surely coming to an end. Isn’t that’s the perfect time to take a look back at one’s vacation pictures and wonder … How did time fly so quickly? Besides the nostalgia that might try to win you over, don’t you also feel a soothing satisfaction ? I sure do.

This year, I finally went back to Sardinia, after 2 summers of being elsewhere. 2 weeks of holidays with the fam & N, who discovered my beloved paradise island for the first time. We were based in the southern part of the island, but spent two days of our stay up north, which is Sardinia’s super fancy – rich and famous area. To be honest, my heart belongs to the south and its wild, dry, less developped landscapes.

So here’s my (shortened) summer diary for you to see and enjoy, because who doesn’t love a crystal clear sea ?

P1030435 P1030439
P1030440 P1030459

  • Porto Pino: Pines, wild flamingos and white sands.
    Ok that’s the closest I got to the flamingos… but still… WILD FLAMINGOS !

P1030483 P1030607 P1030606 P1030590P1030596_

  • A warm summer evening in Iglesias. Meaning PIZZA for dinner!

P1030489 P1030490 P1030491 P1030494 P1030497 P1030499

  •  Up north: Cala Principe and a full day of boat trip around the coast from Palau.

P1030507 P1030512 P1030531 P1030535 P1030540_Fotor P1030549 P1030557 P1030561 P1030576 P1030584 P1030589
Hopefully my pictures somehow conveyed a bit of the bliss that I felt while on vacation. Don’t you kinda wish summer would last like… all year?