Chezz Gerdi is one of the best spots Formentera has to offer. It has its feet on the shore of Es Pujols Beach but is retreated from the village. You can access it from the main seafront promenade using a wooden path along the beach or even come by boat and use their tender service.

The place is a gorgeous chameleon. During the day you can come for lunch or a refreshment and soak up the sun and the beautiful view. Try their wood oven pizzas, among the best of the island. At sunset, people come for aperitivo, that very Italian tradition of cocktails and nibbles. Order some mixed fried fish served in a box and definitely some bellinis: they are to die for.

The setting is outstanding. The waves breaking on the shore, the light dimming slowly as music plays. Come darkness, candles start shining on the tables and the place reaches its beauty peak as guests start ordering dinner. Among the most romantic places I’ve ever been. The interiors are carefully curated with rustic and colourful rugs contrasting with the natural textures of the walls, floors and the sand. It all melts beautifully into the seascape and the atmosphere soothes you completely.

Kathryn and I spent ten days on the island and the evening spent at Chezz Gerdi was propably one of the best. Claudio Passiatore manages the place with skill and grace. Formerly Chezz Gerdi’s head chef, the talented Pugliese now oversees the whole project and has chosen to play the quality card, making sure every ingredient honours the dish. The service is fabulous, too. He took time to walk us through every course and tell us about Formentera, Chezz Gerdi and food in general. When passion and talent meet, the result is extraordinary. We could have listened to him for days on end. Chezz Gerdi’s cuisine has clear Italian and Spanish roots but incorporates foreign influences artfully in the best spirit of fusion cuisine. The beef comes from Nebraska while some of the fish and crustaceans come from very the island.

After the fried fish we had for aperitivo, we tried the ChezzGerdi Pizza with burrata cheese, raw salmon and rocket. The dough is perfect. Thin crisp crust and mellow on top. Then we had the tuna fillet in a sesame crust. Slightly cooked on the outside and raw inside, the tuna was served with chopped tomatoes and strawberries alongside a wheat and oat veggie salad. Nutty and fresh. A must try. Then came the primo. Handmade gnocchi with thyme, broccoli, sea urchin, San Pedro fish and lemon zest. Wow. The lemony taste combined with the urchin and the fish was such a nice addition to the more subdued tastes of the gnocchi… But we didn’t stop there. We also tried the slow cooked Iberico pork (cooked 12 hours at 48°) served with spiced apples and caponata (Sicilian eggplant dish). The meat melted in our mouths in an explosion of flavours. Such a nice dish for the meat lovers like me! To finish, we were spoiled with two desserts. A revisited Tiramisu called Tiramisu scomposto. The traditional flavours are there but somehow enhanced with the new composition. Instead of the layered pudding, you get a cocoa soft biscuit, a mascarpone cream and coffee ice cream. With each spoon, you combine the three main flavours at your will. We loved the reinterpretation. We also tried the banoffee, off menu. The chef played with the British specialty and proposed a caramelised banana with a vanilla icecream scoop inside a dark chocolate sphere. And more chocolate dripping on top. Such a decadent delicious way to punctuate the dinner.

To be perfectly honest with you, Chezz Gerdi is a little piece of paradise. The soul of Formentera can be found here, losing oneself in the cozy atmosphere, oozed by the sea and merry with wine and delicacies.


Chezz gerdi – Cami’ de sa beuradeta – Es Pujols – Formentera, T: +34 648 020 106, Open everyday from 12.30 to 2 AM.