As far as I can remember, I’ve loved espadrilles since I was a little little girl. I’ve owned different pairs and every summer I just can’t help but buy yet another one.


Recently, I came accross what now seems to me like the most beautiful espadrilles-maker: Soludos. The brand was founded in 2010 in New York, contrary to what one would think, it was not born in an exotic beachy place.


Combining neon & neutral colours, inserting creative designs, Soludos brings a whole new look to an ever classic shoe.


My only regret is that they seem to be hard to get in Europe. I’ve found some available on Asos, however the range of models is very limited compared to the entire catalog on the Soludos website. I’ve picked a few of my favorite pieces to illustrate this article (I wish I could have them all!).

lime Soludos-Leather-Platform-Smoking-Slipper-Espadrilles flamingo

Should you happen to know about another retailer in Europe, please do share the information :)