We already told you about Palladium’s online content series, “The City Explorers”. A brilliant campaign following photographer Emmanuel Cole and talented storyteller Georgia LA through European cities. For two months, they were introduced to subcultures and off-the-charts treasures of each city by locals working in various creative industries.  We showed you a couple of their videos, which you can also find at the bottom of this post.

What we didn’t tell you yet is that we had the chance to get involved and meet up with the Explorers! Walkie Talkie, a supercool PR & communication agency working with Palladium sent us to Budapest to meet Emmanuel & Georgia and tell you about the city and the campaign “from the inside”.

First things first. Budapest rocks. I had been there twice already and realise now I had barely scratched the surface. It was a first timer for Sara. Behind the majestic imperial heritage lies a world of rebelion and alternative living. The city is just bursting with creativity. From street art pieces to occupied abandoned buildings turned into big-scale eateries. Former pools transformed into bars. Cheap drinking and amazing food. We will tell you about our encounter with the Palladium Explorers in our next post. For now, we leave you with some snaps from the Budapest in our own Palladium boots and the cool spots we recommend.

Have a drink at Rombusz Terrace, in 12 Raday street. Just be careful with this red little room. It looks like a panic room and has a tiny metal surgery-like bed inside. Creepy.

IMG_7810 IMG_7811

We took a series of pictures along with a series of rosé wine glasses.

anita-sara-palladiumsP1030299 P1030312

If you walk further down Raday street, you get to Puder (Powder), a restaurant designed by Contemporary artist and ruinpub decorator Bertalan Babos Zsili. Try their sour cherry cream soup!

P1030328 miscellaneous-1

Not far, on your way to Szimpla kert, you’ll walk by graffiti pieces and other cool hangouts. About Szimpla Kert. This is by no means a hidden gem or an uncharted spot. It’s actually one of the most known ruinbars in Budapest! But it totally deserves a visit. It looks like nothing else you’ve seen before and it’s full of little treasures. The decoration is as ecclectic as fabulous and it’s an anthropologic experience in itself! What happens in Szimpla… stays in Szimpla.

IMG_7812 IMG_7814 IMG_7815 IMG_7816 IMG_7817 P1030337 P1030355IMG_7806

If you are into fashion, you need to check out Nanushka, a Hungarian brand with a team of designers creating high-quality gorgeous pieces. They have a pop-up store in the center with incredible prices. Address: Becsi utca 1-3


Up next: meeting the Palladium City Explorers Emmanuel Cole and Georgia LA. Stay tuned.

Anita & Sara