It takes courage to quit your paid job and follow a hunch. Takes guts to let go of the mediocre certainties of an established routine and go for your dreams. Caroline is one of the rare to be brave enough. The lovely Belgian left her career in Luxembourg in the real estate market to live off her manual creations. Her bet? Creating beautiful and unique bracelets that could dress you entirely. No matter what you are wearing, the INUI “manchette” gives your look a total spin. Makes it more elegant, quirky, confident. All the pieces are made in Belgium with taste and quality as guiding lines.

I admire Caroline and her decision. In a world full of greys and endless to-do lists, veering off the mediocre routine we sometimes fall prey to is extremely difficult. Yet we need more creatives. More colours. More brave people. Less fear. Less pressure. More beauty. With the support of the Step by Steppes cooperative, a project made to foster young entrepreneurs, INUI was born. The materials are splendid as are the shades she uses. The summer collection is an explosion of joy. You can enjoy a 20% off until the end of July!!!

She whispered some secrets about the winter collection. Warm tones, fur and leather. Some Inuit influences for the INUI bracelets! I am really eager to see. But for now, let’s enjoy the summer.


All pics are mine. Thanks Kathhryn for being my model!