On our Budapest Palladium-weekend, where we got to meet up with the official Explorers, we did some exploring of our own…. We went to a few ruin bars and Anker’t was one of our faves. Its atmosphere was totally different from what we saw in Szimpla Kert. As much as Szimpla was baroque, over-decorated in a Salvador Dali style, Anker’t was sober and in minimalistic, neutral tones.

Ruinbars are a special Budapest phenomenon, you immediately feel a special vibe. Repurposed old courtyards of abandoned buildings with an artsy quirky design. Anker’t is all kinds of beautiful. We kept thinking that Paris and Brussels could need some ruin bar of their own! Except the realestate sharks wouldn’t allow for such gigantic spaces to stay occupied in such a way for long.

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Anita & Sara

Anker’t, 33 Paulay Ede Street Budapest, District VI – T: +36 30 360 3389. Open: Monday – Sunday: 5 pm to 5 am in summer months.