As I was telling you here, I went to NYC to celebrate my 29th birthday. Going to New York had been in my wishlist for so long but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards until this prime number knocked on my door…

One of the spots I liked the most in New York (after Brooklyn, which is my next post) was the High Line. It’s a park in the sky. An elevated freight rail line transformed into a park in the Meatpacking district. Meatpacking is a bustling area that boasts fashion and graphic designers, architects, artists and other creative arts. So trendy. Full of cutting-edge shops, bars and galleries. An epicenter of coolness. A tad too voguish for my taste. Hipstery has taken its toll on authenticity, methinks. It’s like there’s a velvet rope up everywhere.

By the way, I had seen pics of the Chelsea Market (right next to the High Line) and had built such high expectations. I didn’t like it one bit… It was über-crowded and just meh.

But it’s New York, so one’s willing to forgive the swell flocks and overpriced stuff. Also, the district now houses the new Whitney Museum, which is one of the most revered art institutions in the States and still on my to-do list. Meatpacking is also home to the Gansevoort Market, on Gansevoort street. A former decrepit warehouse transformed into a posh hall full of food stands from all corners of the world. I had a delicious chicken quesadilla and was very tempted by the ice cream and pizza.

The High Line runs north from Gansevoort street all the way through Meatpacking and reaches Hell’s Kitchen. We walked the ‘park in the sky’ from tip to toe. I loved the Standard Hotel, right in the middle of the park, overseeing it like a big sister. I wanted to go to the “Le Bain” rooftop bar  and have a sunset apéro but the queue deterred us from even trying… I enjoyed the park a lot I have to say. It was a bit too crowded, being a holiday and all. But still. One of my top 5 New York locations. Enjoy the snapshots.

gansevoort market - sammy glucksman

credit: Sammy Glucksman


I saw this piece of street art in many spots in the city. The High line is packed with pieces like these.


Kitty-shirt and blue hair. Hip, hip, hip.


The Chelsea Thicket features a pathway winding gently through a miniature forest of lush dogwoods, bottlebrush buckeye, hollies and roses.


Fresh as a daisy after having a handmade blueberry ice pop from People’s Pops.


The over awesome Standard Hotel


Line to go to Le Bain. Thanks. But no thanks.


“Below Standard”


almost at CSX transportation gate


Chelsea Market – not worth it in my view


New Yorker Hotel, in the garment district, on our way back from High Line.

Stay tuned for the last New York chapter, dedicated to Brooklyn.