Anita is a stubborn and determined gal. So when the lightbulb went on and she came up with the idea of a photoshoot in the field, I knew she would find a way to make it happen. I happened to be in Brussels that weekend and the photoshoot came out of the blue. But even with the super short notice, it all turned out pretty cool, thanks to two awesome gals. Not talking about us! I mean Hailing Wang, the super talented photographer, and Mélanie Pierson, the girl behing Wild Flower Fairy. A dedicated post to follow.

So thanks again for coming along the journey and making it rock, flower power style!!

Hailing Wang TBS 10 Hailing Wang TBS 9Hailing Wang TBS 5 Hailing Wang TBS 11 Hailing Wang TBS  12Hailing Wang TBS 1 Hailing Wang TBS 13Hailing Wang TBS 6 Hailing Wang TBS 7 Hailing Wang TBS 14