Where do I even start?

I hadn’t been on holiday for some time, so when the project to visit Thailand came up at the very beginning of the year, it got me completely excited. Going on an adventure, traveling, discovering… those are things that bring hapiness to my heart.

The result? I spent 2 amazing, breath-taking weeks in Thaïland and I came back with stars in my eyes. Stunning temples, hectic streets and tuk-tuk rides, unique flavours, elephants, majestic landscapes, colorful snorkeling… I came home with so many memories.

Deciding which itinerary to follow was the hardest part, chosing what to see and what not, but eventually, we decided we would stick to this one:
Bangkok – Sukhothai – Chiang Mai – Krabi -Koh Tao.

I personally fell in love with Chiang Mai and Koh Tao. And meeting elephants. Because, elephants!

Here’s to you a selection of pictures (had to leave so many out) of this wonderful trip.

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Hope you liked!