You know Sprouters, let’s get real. All of this social media and online stuff is absolutely great, BUT, don’t you ever feel a bit of nostalgia when it comes to the art of handwriting?

When I was younger I used to write almost everyday in a personnal diary. I’ve always loved to take time and write stuff down, on paper. With time though, I did it less and less.

Very, very bad. However I was never able to resist a lovely stationery…. I once missed a train because I lost track of time while in a Paperchase store in London. True story.

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Season Paper is exactly the kind of concept that makes me want to ditch the keyboard and pick my pen!

Created by Mélissa & Julie, the collection offers postcards, notebooks, diaries, calendars and posters. Colourful and delicate, their designs are friggin’ awesome. Check the latest collection here below:

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