So I have to tell you about this new place I tried, which is, for once, not in the 11th arrondissement.

Nico & I went up to the über touristic Montmartre area on a Sunday, and after a bit of walking around of course we felt like food was a good idea.

There came Jeanne B. A beautiful, blue-ish food counter of home-made dishes with fresh ingredients.


Jeanne B is all about classic French cuisine with a modern touch.

P1030055 P1030057

We started with a plate of shrimps and an eggplant mousse & ricotta.

P1030068 P1030069

The next step for our palate was the delicious tourte (aka pie) we had. Vegetables for me, rabbit for Nico. It was to die for. Not the lightest, to be fair, but the vegetables do count as skinny food… right?!

P1030071 P1030072

It was only after finishing my plate that I noticed a corridor leading to a possible second dining room…

P1030073 P1030074 P1030077 P1030078

Yup, Jeanne B had been hiding other turquoise walls and little nests.

P1030079 P1030080 P1030082

We somehow still managed to order desserts. Good thing I ordered an espresso, otherwise I would have needed an immediate nap.
We left Jeanne B and all of her good stuff behind, and continued to walk in search for the “unusual Paris”. Montmartre is one of Paris’ most frequented and famous zone, but did you know for example there was a windmill – Le Moulin de la Galette ?


Or this pink little house which is now a restaurant?


Or the Montmartre Vines, juste behind the Montmartre Hill?
Paris is full of surprises and has so many different facets. Just when you think you know it, turns out you don’t!