I don’t know about you, but I love sushi so much I should have my blood tested for high levels of heavy metals. Can’t get enough of it. But for sushi to be good, it needs to be super fresh and the rice has to be vinegary enough, but not too much. When you find good sushi, chances are it’ll cost ya. Not at Makisu

Makisu, located in Rue Bailli 5 is the Maki Heaven. No sashimi or nigiri, but all sorts of Makis, miso soup, skewers… You choose your Maki type among the Funky or Fresh and if you’re feeling whimsical enough, you can make up your own makis from scratch. I love adding fried oignons or jalapenos! Mmm… The prices are so reasonable, too… I always get 16 rolls plus a soda for about 12 euros.

The concept is fantastic. Order at the counter. Sit. Eat. Clean your table, get out. The setting is warm, with all the wood and pastel colors. And the crew is super nice. The place does live up to its name… Makisu: the sunny side of sushi. Aha.


Makisu, Rue Bailli 5, 1050 Brussels, T: +32 2 640 45 50 – Open from Tuesday to Saturdat from 12 to 22.

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