We all want that special sexy looking “one” that makes you feel attractive, good about yourself. One that supports you and gives you that powerful feeling that you can take on the world… And the only way of knowing whether you really have the “one” is trying lots of them… Actually, try them all. Sometimes you think “oh…that’s not my type” but who knows? Experiment a bit.

I thought I had found the one… but then Triumph proved I was wrong. I’m not talking men here darling! I’m talking bras!!!

Last Friday I went to Triumph in Antwerp, to a boozy bra fitting session where we were challenged to “Find the One” that is just perfect.

I thought: easy peasy, love. Went for the size I usually get and guess what: I had it all wrong! Turns out I’m no 80B… I’m a 70C! Upgraded to the C-section! haha…

Did you know that almost 70% of women wear the wrong bra size? (Study by Triumph on 10,000 women). Chances are you are, too. But despair not, dear sprouter. You can book your free fitting session at your nearest Triumph store here. They have over 100 years of experience with lingerie… I’d say they’re pretty qualified. Plus their collection is dreamy! I left with the Iconic essence in black lace. Milena, my partner in crime for the evening left with more ladyful garments. You might want to check out her blog too, It Takes two to Polka. She’s a hoot.

Lingerie and champagne, not too bad a Friday night, wouldn’t you agree? Especially if the The Kube ladies are organising the event!


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