When a legendary high end butcher opens a restaurant and that the said restaurant is located at the rue de la mâchoire (Jaw street), when on top of that you have Argentinean and Uruguayan blood running through your veins… well, trying their BUTCHER’S BRUNCH just seems like fate’s winking at you. I’m talking about Jack O’Shea Chophouse, duh!

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Let’s put it this way. The restaurant is spacious and cosy all at once. The design is pure yet warm. A huge grill dominates the center of the restaurant and a butcher’s counter with tons of meat cuts gives you the most promising of welcomes.

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If you like a great piece of grilled meat, scrambled eggs, a good cheese platter, salads, deli cuts, home-made breads, french baguette, pastries, cake and your typical sweet spreads, then this is your heaven. And for “only” 35 euros (drinks are extra except tea). Sure, not the cheapest of brunches Brussels has to offer. But did I mention you can eat all the grilled meat you want? top-notch, too. And when you know that during the week, a carpaccio costs you 19 euros or a 300 g Black Angus entrecote around 30… this Butcher’s Brunch is almost a bargain. Totally recommend.

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Jack O’Shea Chophouse – 32 rue Sainte Catherine, 1000  Brussels, T: +32 2 503 36 61 Open Thursday to Monday: 12.00 – 14.30 and 19.00 – 11:00pm – Butcher’s Brunch Sundays from 11:30