Don’t know about you but I really like Belgian chocolate. And BARU combines great national choc with dreamy marshmallows in a super cute packaging with zero funny ingredients. First time I saw BARU treats they caught me by the eyeballs. I mean, have you seen how über pretty they are? And because I’m only a shallow gal when needs be, I decided I wanted to get to know those babes from the inside… It was love at first bite.

The small Belgian company uses nothing but top ingredients to create indulgent treats, from fluffy marshmallows covered in crisp chocolate to tiny stuffed figurines and hot drinks. All natural, no colorants or preservatives. One of the reasons I totally caved for BARU -next to their being delicious, duh- is how they ooze creativity. The little white fluffy clouds come in various tastes, with salted caramel, berries, almonds…. ahhh. And the gorgeous colourful packages are so lovely you almost feel sorry for ripping them open! You can order them online or in one of these stores:

Délitraiteur – Café de la Presse – Lilicup – Pulp – Coffee Company – Café Du Sablon – Voila – Fourchette à Bicyclette – Café Maison du Peuple

But first why don’t you enter the little contest BARU and The Brusselsprouts have prepared for you? if you want to win these crazy heavenly bites, just go to our Facebook page and:

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We will announce the lucky winner on Monday 30 March! For practical reasons, the box will be delivered personally, so if you live far from Brussels… tough luck!!

We decline all responsibility for any subsequent addiction the little decadent devils may cause! :)


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