Eating is so much more than enjoying the bite in your mouth. If, as some say, we are what we eat, then we might as well eat something other than trash, right? In the end, it’s all about loving yourself enough to fuel your body with healthy nutrients that nourish it instead of poison it.


YAG is all about healthy eating, treating your body with respect and… the best part? It’s delicious. Their motto is “You are what you eat and You Are Great”. They follow Pol Grégoire’s school of live food, which is basically all the food items which still retain all of their micro-nutrients (vitamins, enzyms, oligo-elements and minerals – as opposed to macro-nutrients like carbs, proteins and fat). Basically, anything which is cooked at too high a temperature looses its virtues and can even get toxic.


Located in the Chatelain area, in rue de Washington 59 to be exact, YAG is lovely. With its Belgian floor tiles and a warm wooden enviroment, the place has an open kitchen which allows you to peep what the cooks are doing.


I went once for an evening tasting and once for lunch with Bérangère (BAKE). When I went for lunch, we were served several little amuse-bouche to prepare the digestion. Did you know that some foods prepare your body to welcome the food instead of perceiving it as an attack?  So we began with fermented cabbage, a little beetroot carpaccio with rocket and a currant marinade.

IMG_1872 collage2 IMG_1893

Then, still preparing for our main food, we ate fennel and parsley with a sprouted hazelnut pesto. Did you know that when foodstuff sprout is the moment when they bring the most energy to you? It’s the basis of live food.


Bérangère had the vegan dish and I chose an avocado tartar followed by a cod ceviche. We felt sated but not full.

The dessert was a lemon and mandarine cream with pistacchios. It was fine and sort of sophisticated but somehow not “sinful” enough…. it wasn’t a decadent yummy pudding. It kind of tasted too healthy for a dessert, if I make any sense at all. A bit too bitter, perhaps.

All in all, a very nice place where food is really sublimated. The one thing I would perhaps criticise is the prices, a tad too high in my humble opinion. But then again it’s very high quality raw materials and a very careful process… But not your daiy lunch, at any rate.

yag menu (2)


YAG, 59 rue Washington, 1050 Brussels, T: +32 2 538 65 80, Open Monday to Friday 12-15 and Wednesday to Friday 19-22.