If you work at the EU quarter, you’ll be happy to learn there’s a new joint in town, where you can eskape work for breakfast, lunch or tea time…

E   S   K   A   P   E


After a corporate career, Laurent was ready to go for his own project. One that would combine both his love for food and travel. The interior design is very  uncluttered. Lots of white and smart modern furniture. Country-shaped figures hang from white grids covering the walls. Memories of all his trips around the globe.

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I went for lunch four times already and have truly enjoyed it. Their butternut-coconut soup is incredibly good, served with fresh bread and butter. They offer a souk-like assortment of home-made dishes you can choose from. Veggies, meatbread, pasta salads, houmous, pasties… The exotic dishes and fusion of flavours are also an invitation to eskape and travel if only for just a moment.

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You can compose a plate with 3 to 5 portions. Some menu options come with soup or with a pasty called croq-monsieur. I really liked their Beef croq with raisins and caraway.


Still haven’t tried their desserts and pastries. But won’t fail to next time.

All dishes can be ordered for take-away. Good option when spring comes back and we can grab lunch outside on the esplanade.


Eskape, rue de Trêves 22, 1000 Brussels, T. +32 2 512 37 34. Open Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm.