This is one of those “dear Diary” kind o’posts. Not to be rude or anything, but this is more of a post for my old self than for you guys. You know, when my memory starts to fail me, I’ll be able to come here and remember some of those days I spent with my two gals Celine and Sandra in London, in December 2014.

So here it goes.

Dear old Anita, do you remember that time you roamed London with the gals and laughed your asses off in the bus, spying on that old creepo? And the night out at Gourmet Burger Kitchen? No? And what about the arancini at Princi? Ok, but please tell me you remember that awesome day at Camden (which you hate, by the way) and the delicious smell of apple juice with cinnamon… You remember! Awe, that’s good. I hope the happiness of that weekend comes back to you.

Now, go. Take your medecine and blog on.


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